FAQs and Review of Gadgets Services

Can I hire a technician for a service not listed on HomeGenie?

Our extensive network of partners, cater to a wide range of technological services related to your home. Just in case you can’t find a service on the app, you can submit your query and our customer service will respond to it promptly.

What information do I submit to query option if the service is not listed on HomeGenie?

You can mention the problems you are facing, specifications of the device you have a problem with, or send a few pictures. Evaluating your need, we will send the best partners to inspect your device and give you the right solution. You can submit your query on support@homegenie.ae or call +9714-448-9595 and wait for our customer service team to get back to you with a list of solution providers or alternative suggestions.

What will go into the quote for a service?

Your service quote will reflect things like the labour required to get a project completed, the parts that are necessary for the task and the intricate nature of what has to be done. You will have the full right to accept or refuse a quote based on your demands. The quote may also be flexible depending on the particular types of tasks that you need to get handled.

Do I need to be prepared with any parts or tools before a technician comes home?

Based on the service you have scheduled, our partners will send a fully equipped technician or team. But we recommend you to keep your device and related parts ready for inspection before the experts come over. If some parts, cords or equipment is not included in the service, the partner will inform you about the revised estimate and schedule another appointment.

Are there limits as to how big a gadget can be?

There are no particular limits involved with regards to the size of a television set that needs to be handled or how big or extensive a stereo or security system can be among other gadget-related things. Still, a second gadget services technician might have to be contacted to make the servicing process easier to handle.

Can smaller gadgets be repaired?

Depending on the issue at hand, you should be able to get different smaller gadgets repaired at your property. You can ask to get a small tablet, a video game console or portable television set fixed among other smaller items. Check with your gadget technician to see if you can get a particular item fixed up.

Can you get anything that takes in wireless signals repaired?

Items that generate wireless tech signals like Wi-Fi modems, Bluetooth antennas and other related items may be repaired. The intricate nature of such wireless items makes it so it might take extra time to get your gadgets repaired.

Can all gadget repairs be done at my home?

Your gadget services in Dubai can be fully handled in your own home if desired. You can always get your repairs managed at home thanks to how most of the gadgets you have are small enough to be managed at home. The odds of such items having to be taken into our shop are minimal. Also, most repairs typically take a day to complete without having to keep the downtime from being as long as it could be.

Will I need to hire a building contractor to help with getting gadget services managed?

You will more than likely not need to get a separate building contractor to help you with setting up your gadget services in Dubai. While manygadgets might be easily built into your home, the installation process for such items should be relatively easy to work with. In the rare case that you need an extensive home renovation project prepared to make it easier for something to be installed, you can always contact a contractor to see if your project in question will be easy to follow.

Will a gadget professional help you test your gadgets after they are prepared?

You can ask to get a professional to help you with testing your gadget after the installation process is complete. This is to see if the installation was done right or if additional help is required.

Gadget Services in Dubai, UAE

Electronics and gadgets make life simpler, but when faced with glitches, they can cause too much chaos. We are constantly using our devices and over time it is natural for a breakdown or malfunction to occur. Instead of trying to spend hours trying to fix the problems yourself, all you need to do is sit back and count on the wealth of technology-related services covered under HomeGenie’s mobile app. Whether it is CCTV installation, Home security solutions, Fire alarm systems, you can trust our prompt and highly qualified service providers spread across UAE, to offer you an impressive service.


Professional gadgets services in Dubai will provide you with the added help you need for getting any tech item in your home fixed. This is all done with your safety in mind. Trying to fix some of these gadgets on your own or to set them up can be dangerous. This comes from the risk of electric shocks or from heavy items being harder to lift or utilise than you might expect. Reaching out to gadgets services in Dubai can help you with keeping your gadgets from being more dangerous to handle than they have to be.
No matter what service is carried out at your home, be it an installation or a repair, you can expect 100 percent genuine parts and products from our service partners. You will especially be aware of the cost associated with getting your gadgets fixed if needed.


Also, if there is a device or service not mentioned in the app, you can submit your query on support@homegenie.ae or call +9714-448-9595 and wait for our customer service team to get back to you with a list of solution providers or alternative suggestions.

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