FAQs and Review of Plumbing Services

What services can a plumber provide?

Plumbing services from HomeGenie include repair, installation replacement or upgrade of any equipment required for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, sewer or septic system.  Our plumbers can also assist in the installation of new items when upgrading your bathroom or kitchen

Will the plumber have to shut off the water supply during the repair process?

There is a chance that your plumber will have to turn off the water to your home to complete the needed task. This is done to avoid any possible leaks during the work process. The supply will be cut temporarily until the issue is resolved. There is a possibilty that  water will only be cut off to a part of your property depending on how the plumbing system is laid. Check with your plumber about the specific details.

What types of drainage blocks that can be resolved?

Our Plumbers can assist you with getting bathtubs, toilets, sinks and other drains unblocked. This will be done with various solutions that are designed to work with different types of clogs and blockages.

Will the pipes in my home have to be taken apart?

The plumbing teams will do their best to avoid opening any pipes or other plumbing fixtures at your home. However, if pipes do have to be taken out, you will be informed of this before it happens so you can determine if it is acceptable to proceed with the works.

Can a plumber check on water filters?

Water filtration systems at your property can be checked and tested by the plumber who can review a filter and see if it needs a replacement or service. The filters at the main base of the supply as well as smaller filters around the property can be checked as per requirements. This is to ensure a clean and safe water supply and to to prevent any further issues from cropping up.

Why is better to book a plumber instead of using ‘Off-the-shelf’ solutions?

While commercially available liquid solutions might help with some clogs and other issues in your plumbing, they will not always work. Sometimes the right compounds are needed to target particular clogs based on their pH levels. A plumber will identify the issue at hand and find a proper solution that will be easier for your plumbing system to handle.
Some liquids that you might find at local stores might be too acidic and corrosive on your plumbing system. They may temporarily resolve the issue, but potentially damage the pipes and potentially lead to bigger issues eventually.

Can a plumber come to my property at any time of day?

In case of an emergency like excessive leakage or a burst pipe at your home, the plumber can be made available. HomeGenie aims to provide emergency service in order to cover for such unwarranted situations, depending on the availability of the teams. The customer can pre book or schedule an appointment in advance suiting their convenience.

Can I trust a plumber hired through the Home Genie App?

HomeGenie’s mission is to help you live hassle-free. We carefully screen all our service technicians to ensure that high quality service. In addition to this, our user ratings and reviews provide a further guarantee and assurance about the quality of service.

What If I need a different service than what I requested for?

All plumbing projects start with an on-site inspection. At that time you may inform the plumber about your specific requirements. An estimate will be provided based on the updated details and work carried out upon agreement.

Plumbing Services in Dubai,UAE

Even a minor plumbing issue can cause a lot of hassle if it is not addressed at the right time by a professional plumber. For installations or repairs, sorting a small or large leak or converting your dream kitchen in a to reality, HomeGenie Service Teams have you covered 

How do we work?

Ensuring your home is always problem-free is much simpler than before with HomeGenie’s multitude of plumbing solutions and service providers to select from. Our professional plumbers will visit your home & recommend the most appropriate and cost effective option to address any plumbing issue

Why choose us?

We have a huge network of professional plumbers all over the UAE, with dedicated teams available to service the ongoing demands of the market. You can also enjoy prompt home maintenance services through the HomeGenie app. Whatever emergency arises, issues with gas lines, sewer lines, bathroom and kitchen drains, broken water heaters or water lines, overflowing toilets or anything else, you can be assured that our professionals will diligently handle it.

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