FAQs on Pest Control Services

Is the pest control treatment common for all types of pests?

Different types of treatments may work for certain kinds of pests and the level of infestation. These include smaller and sharper bait materials for cockroaches or softer materials for moths. The type of pest control is selected as per requirement in the apartment or villa and also depending whether it’s an indoor or outdoor solution.

What type of pests can be controlled?

The pest control offered by HomeGenie covers a varied scope of pests like Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Rodents, Termites, Stingers, Ants, Fly, Lizards, Spiders, etc. The type of infestation can be both indoor or outdoor (garden lawn for instance).

Is it safe for me to eliminate pests on my own instead of seeking professional help?

It is highly recommended to use professional help for various pest control services. The chemicals used during a pest control may be harmful for the residents, unless necessary precautions are taken. Pest control professionals will advise you of the do’s and dont’s in order to ensure a safe elimination of the infestation.
Also, with the help of a professional pest control team, the chances of controlling the infestation are much higher than doing by self, as a thorough pest control may be needed across unreachable spots in the home. Trying a pest control by self is not only hazardous, but also increases the chances of the infestation spreading across the property and hence increasing the risk for owners (in case of venomous pests).

How does a pest control inspection happen at my property?

An inspection of your property includes a detailed review of the residence foundation area, entry points to your home and any gaps or leaks in your space. A special consideration is given to other factors such as the moisture and temperature of the surroundings, so that a corrective solution is proposed.

Do the treatments and sprays used have any dangerous effects?

No, all our service partners use chemicals that are environment-friendly and approved by the municipality. However, in certain cases, it is recommended that the house remains unoccupied for 4-5 hours after the general pest control treatment and bed bug control treatment. This is to avoid unwarranted allergic reactions and breathing discomfort that may occur in certain cases.

Is a pest control service insured?

Pest control services in Dubai are often insured so any losses relating to the cleaning process will be covered. This is important as there may be a risk of items being damaged by some of the pest control materials. These damages are typically unintentional, but they may occur in rare cases due to unexpected reaction with the chemicals and surface areas. The insurance policy taken by the pest control provider will keep you from being liable if any losses might develop during the treatment process.

Is it advisable to be at home during pest control service?

Even though most treatments are formulated at low concentration levels and leave no exposed residue, we firmly advise you to stay out of home for a few hours post the service. It also depends on the area where the treatment is provided, for example, if it’s only the kitchen that’s affected then you can be home and make sure not to access it for a few hours as a matter of extra precaution.

How often can I opt for a pest control service?

The frequency of the service depends on various factors like level of infestation, season, surrounding moisture and temperature of the apartment or villa, etc. However, we recommend a quarterly service to ensure optimal hygiene levels. You can request an inspection to determine the best recommended annual pest control packaged solution.

What else is offered apart from general pest control?

Many pest control services in Dubai offer fly shields, lanterns and other materials that can be installed around your home after a pest control session. These equipments help in reducing the pest infestation at your place and the customer can select an item as per requirement.

When is the best time of year for you to contact a pest control service?

You can book a pest control service in Dubai, anytime of the year. However, it is typically best to get connected surely during the spring or summer seasons when the humidity in the region is on the higher side, which aids the pest infestation.

Pest Control Services in Dubai, UAE

Once pests like cockroaches, ants, spiders start emerging into a home, people usually try to solve the problem with the sprays and disinfectants available in the market. The infestation issue may get resolved temporarily in such a case, but in cases of termites, rodents, bed bugs, etc., a pest control without professional help may not only cause damage to the property, but also pose a health hazard.


How do we work?

In cases of seasonal pest infestations, especially termites and bed bugs, only professional techniques prove to be effective and have lasting results. Therefore, HomeGenie strongly recommends you to book one of the professional pest control services and control the infestation before it becomes a nightmare for your dear ones. The pest control effect lasts a fair while, however for best results it’s highly recommended to have a quarterly package in place to ensure regular check.


Why choose us?

Our trusted partners are highly experienced in providing all types of pest control services, wherever you require the same. All products and methods deployed are safe and as per standard municipality regulations.

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