FAQs, and Review of Painting Services

What does a painting service involve?

Professionals hired through HomeGenie have a systematic process that includes, covering the area with protective sheets, sanding the walls, fill any open holes or cracks, prepare surfaces of ceilings and walls, apply an undercoat and follow with a second coat.

What type of painting services are offered?

A painting service applies on fairly any possible wooden, metallic, wall or ceiling surface in your home. You can book a painting service for both external as well as internal surface of your apartment or villa.

Does wood require more coatings?

While most painting services work well with two coats of paint, the wooden surfaces may require additional coats to get the right finish. Wood usually has pores hence a primer is applied first to level the surface followed by couple of coats as per the desired finish. For a semi-glossy finish a relevant gloss coat is added to give the shining effect. Upon inspection, the service professional will suggest the relevant paint types and the estimated time to be taken to complete the job.

What types of paints may be used in your property?

Paint selection depends on various factors like surface type, matte vs. glossy finish, etc. A water-based latex or acrylic paint can be used with water operating as a binder while establishing a better total finish. Some oils or solvents may also be used in a paint although you’ll have to talk with your painter to see if it is a safe option to have in your home.

Can I get floors painted?

You can always get floors in your home painted through painting services in Dubai. A service will use a formulated paint designed with floors in mind. This will work with a design that can handle heavy amounts of foot traffic with ease. Patio interlock surfaces are the most common floor areas that may require a regular paint touch-up.

What equipments are used to apply paint on a surface?

A painting service in Dubai will use brushes, rollers and pads in most cases. A sprayer may be used for flat coats although this is typically easier to apply on larger external surfaces. A brush may also be used exclusively for taking care of more sensitive gloss surfaces.

What protective measures are used to protect the floors and furniture?

Protective plastic sheets, fabrics or other items may be used to protect your furniture, floor surfaces and other spots that you are aiming to protect. Such sheets will have to be prepared before the painting process starts. These must be fastened and secured to the entire surface that needs to be protected, and to avoid slip offs.

Can I select different colors for different rooms or walls?

You can opt for a variety of colors as per your choice. This will however impact the pricing due to multiple color requirements. The most basic choice is white or off-white, as it compliments well with any other color. You may also ask painting services in Dubai for samples or tests to get a clear idea of what the final finish of a color will turn out as.

Why shouldn’t I try painting myself?

As a first time painter, it will be tough to select the right paint for the right surface as it involves certain technicalities. Usually the loopholes may show up after the paint dries up. Also, the clean-up post painting is quite unpleasant. Professional painters from HomeGenie take off that load too by using protective sheets and measures, leaving your space looking neat, perfect and ready to use. A professional expertise is always handy to get that impeccable finish

What’s the guarantee of the paint used by the service provider?

HomeGenie partners use original and branded paints which are quite long lasting. In addition to this, they provide a warranty, during which they will happily provide a re-touch if required. The team will share the details of the paints being used and agree with the customer before commencing the work.

What will it cost for to use painting services in Dubai?

The cost will vary based on the number of rooms that you need to have covered or the overall physical space of an area that has to be painted. The cost also depends on the selection of paints and the different color selection. You can reach out to HomeGenie Call Centre or leave a message on the website http://www.homegenie.me/ requesting for the exact details.

Will I have to leave my property during the painting process?

You don’t have to leave your property as it is being painted. Although it is recommended to secure the movement of people around to avoid possible damage to the newly painted walls or other surfaces until the paint completely dries up. It’s best to get children and pets in your home protected by creating barriers around certain parts of your property.

Do I have to be home during the painting?

You are not required to be at your home during the actual painting process. However, it might help to at least be present in the vicinity to help address immediate queries, if any.

Painting Services in Dubai, UAE

An excellent painting service means a great deal of planning, precision, creativity and attention to detail during the implementation. Minute oversight can ruin the entire coat of paint. Therefore, experienced and professional painters are a smart choice for catering to any painting needs at your apartment or villa. Through HomeGenie, you can hire highly knowledgeable painters, who use high-quality paints and equipment to give you a great result.



The services covered by these partners are exterior painting, furniture polish & painting, ceiling painting, door polish, wall-paint restoration, retouch of wall cracks, floor painting and marking. Before starting the painting process, a proper surface preparation is done which involves, washing dirty walls, sanding surfaces, filling holes or cracks and applying primer. Ensuring these necessary steps gives a top notch result.

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