FAQs and Review of Moving Services

What are the safety measures employed for packing?

Our service partners understand the value of your goods. Therefore, they provide the highest attention to detail and precaution while packing. No matter what’s the value, quantity or fragility of the item, they customize the packaging with bubble wrapping, weatherproof and sturdy boxes that protect the items from the time of packing till re-installation in your new home.

Will I have control over how I can get items packed?

You can always help with the packing process by getting things moved into very specific boxes or containers. You can also ask to get certain items stored in certain boxes or other spaces depending on the specific requests you might hold. You will have to be as specific as possible about what you can get out of the packing process so all of your items may be protected and secured well.

What protective materials are used when packing items?

Protective materials for the packaging process often entail things like bubble wrap, peanuts packing, Styrofoam and even blankets. The materials used will vary based on who is taking care of the moving process and the size and build of whatever you have to move. Such items must be checked to determine what protective measures can be used to keep an item from being at risk of damage during the moving process.

Can packages for your items be customized?

You can ask to get packages for your items customized if you have specific or fragile materials that need extra care. Some Styrofoam materials may also be customized to fit the size of some materials depending on what you might have to work with.

What is the use of a storage facility?

A storage facility that you can hire for your moving services in Dubai can help you store your materials for as long as needed. This is for when you are trying to get to your new property or when you need to store things in a space for a limited time. A storage facility may especially work with full security features to keep your items protected. Climate controlled spaces are also available to see that your items will not be at risk of damages during the storage process.

How large can a moving vehicle be?

Moving vehicles come in many sizes with the largest ones being identical to larger 18-wheeler vehicles used to transport cargo between stores. The size of your vehicle should be chosen based on how far you are going to move items and the total volume of whatever it is you need to get moved from one place to the next.

How are drivers trained?

Drivers for moving services in Dubai are trained to work with larger vehicles that handle differently from convenient passenger vehicles on the road. They are also trained to know how to load up a truck and how to secure the materials on the inside so they will not be at risk of shifting around or otherwise being damaged in some manner.

What does insurance for a moving service entail?

Insurance is used by moving services in Dubai to cover the losses associated with any damages caused to your items during the moving process. These include damages caused by items shifting while in transit or anything that might be hurt when people are trying to move things in and out of properties physically. Insurance especially ensures that you are protected from financial losses as the mover will be able to absorb the liabilities that might come about in the event of such damages.

Why hire a moving professional through HomeGenie?

HomeGenie has a rigorous partner selection process to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. All moving partners associated with HomeGenie have competitive pricing, fully trained crew, best support services as well as the latest unpacking, packing and installation equipment.

How long can it take for a moving partner to help you move your materials?

The timing for getting someone to help you with moving items can vary based on where you are moving. You can always talk with a moving partner about your specific plan with regards to when you will be first available to get into a property.

What if I need to change the moving partner assigned to me?

You can contact HomeGenie’s customer care team in case you need a different option. Either you can email on support@homegenie.me or call +9714-448-9595 and one of the customer service representatives will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Moving Services in Dubai, UAE

A new overseas job opportunity or moving to a new community within the UAE or need a place to store your valuables while you are in transit? Well, the HomeGenie mobile app is the one-stop destination to connect you with the right solution. It offers comprehensive moving services locally and internationally along with highly secure storage warehouses. In addition to this, you can also opt for the pick-up and delivery service which allows you to send and receive parcels anywhere in the country in a very safe and secure way.


These solution providers are selected after careful vetting and are known to be some of the most reputable names in the industry. Whether your move is domestic or international, they provide you with an excellent team of experts who will ensure your delivery is well executed, happens on time and is cost-effective too.


Even the packaging and installation will be carried out with the utmost professionalism. With the latest moving equipment and high safety packaging, you can be rest assured that everything will be set-up just as you left it, or as per your new preference.


International relocation services are also taken care of with equal care and professionalism. Our service partners are well-connected with partners in almost all countries, who offer all logistics, customs and support solutions.
Try the HomeGenie app today and find yourself enjoying convenience at a whole new level. You may also make a booking through the call centre +9714-448-9595 or by filling in the booking form on www.homegenie.me

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