Find the Best Masonry Installation and Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

FAQs, and Review of Masonry Services

What are the possible works during a restoration process?

An older property can be fully restored with the use of relevant masonry materials, epoxy injections and other compound used to fill cracks and repair damages. Power cleaning may also be used to clear off some spaces that have worn out over time. Stone and façade repairs are also available for those who need additional help with getting their buildings fixed up properly.

What are the different types of materials used during a masonry service?

Our masonry services in Dubai can provide various tiles, cement materials and other items. Some fine rock materials like granite or limestone may also be used depending on the service. Check on the particular type of masonry material that you need for a project and contact us to schedule an inspection to determine the scope and other details involved.

Can a masonry service fix a water leakage?

The masonry services offered by HomeGenie can help in fixing certain types of water leakage/ seepage by offering proper sealants or a replacement material for the problem area. We also encourage working with a plumber to see if the problem in question is due to an internal plumbing issue and offer a relevant solution.

Is swimming pool installation under the scope of masonry services?

Our masonry services in Dubai can be contacted to help in constructing a swimming pool at your property, as per the municipality rules and regulations. An inspection is needed to determine further details.

Do I need to provide tools or equipment for the scheduled service?

Providing necessary tools and equipments is something a customer doesn’t need to worry about. Each of our service partners come fully prepared with all tools and testing equipments required to diagnose and solve the problem.

What if something goes wrong during the service?

At HomeGenie, we take responsibility for all services booked through us. In case of any negligence or oversight from the partner you can notify the team with relevant details. We investigate the matter internally and offer an agreeable solution to our customers.

What is included in a site inspection?

During the site inspection, the technician will assess the problem, take a note of the tools and materials required and diagnostic findings, and advise you on the time and cost estimate for the job. Our estimation is quite swift and we usually come back with an estimate within 1-3 working days, depending on the nature of work involved.

Can a new building be constructed?

You can always contact us for help with getting a masonry service to work for getting a smaller building prepared. This could include a smaller shed or barn among other places on your property. Masonry services in Dubai are available for when you need to get a smaller building prepared for any reason.

Does the masonry service cover foundation repair work also?

The masonry service offers foundation repair works, but it depends on the scope and nature of the work. The service usually begins with a detailed site inspection, followed by the review of the surroundings of the site. This is to ensure a better visibility about the existing condition of the foundation and determine what type of work can be carried out without risking a damage to the property.

Masonry Services in Dubai, UAE

Finding the right masonry professional for your home or office is imperative as any nature of inefficient work may lead to spoilt aesthetics and possible additional costs. At HomeGenie we offer masonry services for both the Installation and Repair of tiles, false ceiling, flooring and wall tiling, glass partitions or enclosures, leakage fixing, and many more.


Our network of dedicated teams across UAE, allows the customers to enjoy the prompt home maintenance services through the HomeGenie app. Whatever the masonry service request, you can be assured that it will be diligently handled by our professionals. The teams are highly experienced and are capable of designing and delivering customised solutions across a broad range of services. In addition to this, they are fully equipped and provide prompt service within the scheduled time, keeping your home and peace of mind always intact.

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