FAQs, and Review of Gardening Services

Can I trust a gardening partner hired through HomeGenie Mobile App?

HomeGenie partners with the most competent teams in the region and the teams are dedicated and assigned to offer you the best concepts in designing, comfort and maintenance. This means you never have to worry about availing a specific service in your garden.

What types of garden plants can a gardening service provider work with?

You can contact gardening services in Dubai to help you with all kinds of plants. These include not only traditional flower plants but also some plants that produce herbs and other edible produce.

How does watering work for gardening services?

Watering service is done with clean water across the required areas in your garden or lawn. The watering process can be scheduled at specific intervals on a daily basis, either manually or by automated sprinkler system. The watering schedule for your garden should be designed smartly keeping into account factors like local weather and other specific area requirements ie. certain plants may need more regular watering than others.

Can pests be controlled?

Gardening services in Dubai can help establish natural and safe pest control materials that will keep your garden or lawn from being damaged by outside insects or animals. Fencing or wiring materials may be used to keep certain pests from getting into an area. Some added plants may also be strung around a garden to create a barrier that keeps animals from getting in the garden and spoiling it.

Do HomeGenie’s partners provide garden maintenance contracts?

Yes, all partners have a range of packages, and you can select the one that best suits you. Under a typical maintenance contract, a gardening professional will visit the location, conduct a thorough inspection and advise you on the necessary maintenance solution.

Can a service partner help me select the right plants and trees for the garden?

When a service partner comes for inspection to your garden, you can get all the advice and assistance on the best combination of plants and trees for your garden. Following this, a new appointment can be scheduled for the planting service.

Are gardening services available all through the year?

Gardening services in Dubai are available perennially. A long-term plan for maintaining your garden can be structured as per the desired requirements. All you need to do is contact a professional to get a clear idea of what you can get out of a specific.

Are heavy duty materials required for use during the tree removal process?

Most tree removal processes often require the use of a crane or other heavy lifting item to help with getting a tree stump moved out. A crane may also help if a tree that has to be cleared out of the way is too tall and potentially tough to handle.

What will the cost of a service be?

The total cost of a service will vary based on the particular type of service being requested and also the size of the garden. Customers can request for a quotation based on the specific requirements, keeping in mind the type of the plants in the garden, along with the seasonality.

Gardening Services in Dubai, UAE

A well maintained garden not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of a home, but also allows fun moments for a family together. The garden can be utilized to plant various flowers, grow fresh organic products or simply enjoy a cup of tea in the natural surroundings. But this joy comes with many maintenance requirements.



HomeGenie’s expert solution partners take care of everything from the initial designing, planting to regular follow-up and cleaning packages. The services cover pruning and hedging, weed control, watering, leaf clearing, trimming and hedging of leaves and shrubs, composting, lawn dressing and fertilizing, tree removal, seasonal splitting and replanting of plants, indoor plant maintenance and garden clearance. You can expect all of these to be executed with great care and professionalism.



Apart from this, there are many water features and irrigation systems available in the market. Proper irrigation system benefits the environment by avoiding wastage of water and ensuring good health for your garden.


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