FAQs, and Review of Electrical Services

Are the Technicians safe to hire?

All our technicians are fully trained and insured. Our goal is to provide professional electrical services in Dubai by trained technicians who are well equipped to handle variety of electrical/ electronic components with ease. Well trained professionals are essential for sorting the issues since it can be complex and risky for the customers to execute repairs themselves.

Can wall outlets be fixed?

Wall outlets often wear out due to short-circuit, excess power and other electrical issues. Our professionals are well trained to fix all types of wall outlets or replace them if required

Can you get a new wall outlet added?

A new outlet may also be added anywhere in your home. You can always ask to get a new outlet with multiple plugs or even some USB ports added to any home outlet.

What type of lights can be installed?

You can request all types of lights through an electrician’s services. These include flood lights, recessed lights and even LED lights. These lights can be installed on walls, ceilings or any other relevant surface.

Do I need to provide tools or equipment for the scheduled service?

You don’t need to provide any tools or materials (unless you arrange a specific equipment for installation) after scheduling the service through HomeGenie. Each of our service partners come fully prepared with all tools and testing equipment items required to diagnose and solve the issue.

What if something goes wrong during the service?

At HomeGenie, we take ownership of services booked through us. In case of any negligence or oversight from the partner, you can rely on us to investigate fairly and refund the money as per applicable rules and regulations (within 30 days).

What’s included in a site inspection?

The site inspection includes, assessing the issue, taking note of diagnostic findings and advising customers about the time and cost estimate for the job (with relevant labor and material requirements).

How long will it take for electrical services to work?

It typically takes a couple of hours to resolve an electrical issue. The timings may vary depending on the nature of issue. Customers can request the service professionals to provide an estimated time and plan accordingly.

What preventative measures are used for keeping fires from developing?

Accurate technical procedures are followed to ensure correct power supply from one source to another. This is to prevent excess power surges and to protect items from heating up and wearing out easily. All outlets are also tested to ensure that they will not develop surges after the installation process is done. Relevant solutions and other protective guards may be used to prevent electric fires.

Can your fuse board be fixed?

The fuse board may be fixed, replaced or configured as per technical requirements. It is recommended to replace the fuse board once in a couple of years or as per existing wear and tear, to avoid potential electrical hazards.

Does an electrical service in Dubai require a property to face complete power shutdown?

Usually a power failure due to an electrical issue, may only last for a few hours at the most. In a building complex or multiple residential properties depending on a single power source, a pre-informed power shutdown may be required for scheduled electrical or other maintenance works.

Are the electric professionals insured?

The electricians hired by HomeGenie are insured under standard policies. In case of an accident, the relevant liability for a component or other damage, is covered as per standard rules and regulations.

Electrical Services in Dubai, UAE

If you are moving into a new apartment or villa, or staying in the same place for a long time, there may be a need for standard electrical fittings, repair and maintenance work. Especially due to regular wear and tear, a scheduled preventive check is important to avoid unwarranted hazards. Malfunction of lights, appliances or sockets, noise or leaks in a water motor or pump, etc. are few examples that may require you to call in for professional help.


How do we work?

HomeGenie has partnered with selected companies to provide a dedicated service for any electrical service requirement. Our teams provide comprehensive inspection and full-fledged repair, installation and maintenance services. We also have a round the clock booking service and high-skilled emergency teams in place to cater all your electrical needs.
Why choose us?

Customers can expect a wide range of services covered by any of these partners. The service scope includes troubleshooting electrical issues, repair of fixtures, periodic maintenance, installation of new appliance/ lighting, and installing new lines and connections. HomeGenie vets all its partners based on their customer service and safety standards. Keeping your home safe from all hazards and preventing any damage forms the core of any service. So you can sit back, relax and leave it all to the professionals when faced with any electrical problem or requirements.


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