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FAQs and Review of Carpentry Services

How can cracks in wood surfaces be fixed?

The materials used to fix such cracks will vary based on the intensity of the crack and the wood material that is being treated. Wood putty or wax or shellac sticks may be used in different cases. Either way, such a material can be injected or mixed into the wood crack and then stained or painted to match up with the rest of the wood surface. Fine sandpaper or other materials may help with smoothing out the surface.

Can single planks in wooden floors be replaced instead of tearing out the entire floor?

Individual planks may be taken out and replaced with newer ones if necessary. The newer planks will be chosen based on how their physical properties match up with the space being treated. This includes ensuring that the new wood is of the same texture and physical build as the rest of the wood. A staining process may also be required to make it easier for the floor to look consistent.

How can walls be removed from inside a house?

Interior walls are removed based on where they are located in according to floor joints and if there are electric outlets or other materials inside. Such items have to be checked so any outlets may be moved around. Wall studs have to be removed as well. The ability to remove a wall will vary based on how much support that wall uses and if it is and how it needs be be fixed. HomeGenie offers great interior wall support functions for all clients who need assistance with carpentry services in Dubai.

What types of cabinets can be installed?

Cabinets can be installed in many spots around a home. HomeGenie offers support for a variety of good cabinet options including tall cabinets that are several feet in height or base cabinets that are a few feet dee . The types of cabinets that can be installed on your property will vary according to the walls you have and how well they may be supported.

Do new cabinets have to be assembled?

Some new cabinets may be ready-to-assemble models that are customizable and can be reconfigured in many ways during the installation process. Others are stock cabinets that have been pre-sized and are not as versatile as other models. You will have the option to choose a particular cabinet based on the demands you have for it.

What kinds of doors may be added to your home?

HomeGenie offers a carpentry service where a new door may be added to your home. These include flush doors that are smooth, wood doors that come with different cuts and patterns and steel doors that are reinforced and may be cut with different accents. Aluminium, fiber glass and PVC materials may also be considered for your home. A glass door can even be installed in an interior part with an opaque material used to create a sense of privacy on the door.How long does it take for a carpentry service to work in your home?
The amount of time it takes for HomeGenie to work with carpentry services will vary based on the number of services you require and how big your property is. You might have to spend a few weeks to get a home completely renovated. You can always talk with us to get a clear idea of what you will get out of a service.

What does a painting service involve?

Professionals hired through HomeGenie have a systematic process that includes, covering the area with protection sheets, fill any holes in the walls, prepare surfaces of ceilings and walls, apply an undercoat and follow with a second coat.

Why shouldn’t I try painting myself?

As a first time painter, it will be tough to select the right paint for the right surface plus it involves a lot of technique. When the paint dries and if there are some loopholes they will be exposed and the clean-up post painting is maybe quite unpleasant. Professional painters from HomeGenie take off that load too by using protective sheets and measures, leaving your space looking neat and perfect.

What’s the guarantee of the paint used by the service provider?

All of HomeGenie’s partners for carpentry services in Dubai use original and branded colors for paint service which are quite long lasting. In addition to this, they provide a warranty, during which they will happily provide a re-touch if required.

How is the cost of the painting service charged?

The cost of the painting service will be charged by the number of rooms or the total amount of space that has to be covered. It costs more to get a three-bedroom home painted than it does to get a studio apartment covered, for instance. The total cost will vary based on the area that will be worked on. HomeGenie offers free estimates before the job starts so you can get a clear idea of how much it would cost to get your spot painted.

Carpentry Services in Dubai, UAE

Finding the right carpenter who can provide repair or installation service for your doors, windows or cabinets is very important as any damage done by an inexperienced professional may lead to additional costs. At HomeGenie we offer carpentry services for both Installation and Repair of wooden/aluminium door, fence or window, pergola or gazebo, wooden parquet or deck flooring, cabinet and cupboard, fly screen and door lock or handle, and many more.

How do we work?

Ensuring your home is always problem-free is much simpler than before with HomeGenie’s multitude of carpentry solutions and service providers to select from. Whether it is installation or repair, sorting a crack in the cupboard or fixing a chair, Home Genie has it all covered.

Why choose us?

We have a huge network of service providers from all over the UAE, so wherever you are located, you can enjoy prompt home maintenance services through the HomeGenie app. Whatever the carpentry service request, you can be assured that it will be diligently handled by professionals.

You are always a priority with HomeGenie. All our service partners are highly experienced; they design and deliver customised solutions across a wide variety of services. In addition to this, they are fully equipped and provide prompt service within the scheduled time, keeping your home and peace of mind always intact.

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