FAQs, and Review on Air Conditioner Services

Why should I hire an AC service technician from HomeGenie?

The service technicians associated with HomeGenie are fully vetted, experienced and licensed. By booking a service through HomeGenie, you will ensure that the issue is being addressed by a professional and the job gets done right.

How is the motor in an AC unit reviewed?

The motor in your AC unit is inspected based on its power requirements, the efficiency of movements and if it generates enough cooling. The voltage running through to the motor may also be checked.

How are the condensate features checked?

The condensate features inside the AC unit may be inspected based upon how the condensate pump is able to pump the condensate (water) produced during an HVAC cooling or heating process. A condensing unit fan motor or pump replacement may be needed if the water residue is not being pumped out properly.

Are the external parts of an AC checked?

The external surface of an air conditioner can be reviewed to find leaks, cracks, rusting spots and other issues. These problems must be treated carefully as an outside body that is damaged will be more difficult to maintain in the long run. External damage also leaves the AC unit prone to more issues like dust getting in and affecting the internal parts and functioning of the AC.

Is there a guarantee on the AC service?

Services from HomeGenie are insured as per standard rules and regulations. In addition, if you are not happy with the service provided, we have a dedicated customer grievance center where all issues are logged in and investigated for a mutual solution. In certain cases, owing to existing part issues, the AC may not cool properly, in which case the technician will keep you posted about the parts and repair needed to ensure a fully functional AC unit.

Is there a diagnostic fee for an AC service?

Diagnostic fees may be applicable in cases where the technician has to physically inspect the AC unit and determine the issue using his expertise. In cases where the issue is clearly evident or a specific part change or a standard AC service, a diagnostic fee is not needed. The customer is pre-informed about any possible additional charges or parts that may be required. The customer can review and agree to the quoted price, hence avoiding possible issues later on.

Does the AC service support all brands?

HomeGenie proudly works with all the main air conditioning brands. HomeGenie has been certified to work with various models and designs used by an assortment of brand companies. Check with the HomeGenie team to see what brands are covered.

Do you install and supply thermostats?

HomeGenie team can help you setup and program the thermostats for the required AC unit. You can opt from traditional knob controls or options with advanced digital control that come with timers and other special parameters to help you save money and power.

Is the ductless stand alonc AC unit service offered?

Smaller ductless air conditioners that work in individual rooms can be repaired by an AC service expert at HomeGenie. It is best to discuss the issue with HomeGenie team in detail and a relevant technician will be sent to service the unit. In case of any parts requirement, the details will be provided become commencing the job.

How frequently should I get my AC serviced?

Ideally, an AC unit should be serviced at least twice a year. AC services in Dubai through HomeGenie not only ensure optimum performance of your unit but also enable the technician to foresee and fix any possible problem that may occur in the future. This preventive maintenance process ensures that the customers are protected from unwanted higher costs later on.

When will an AC unit have to be fully replaced?

Although AC repairs can help any unit, it is typically best to get your AC unit replaced every ten years. You could also get your AC unit replaced if there is consistent dust and noise from the units, in spite of regular maintenance over a period of time. The customer may also choose to replace the unit if the repair costs over a year exceed the actual cost of the unit itself.

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HomeGenie‘s partners have emergency teams and skilled technicians who always put your priority first and provide reliable repair, installation and maintenance solutions. These services are available throughout the week to ensure that an emergency request is taken care of in case of a total shutdown

Due to the heavy dependence on air conditioners all over Dubai, people face some common issues such as water leakage, over or under cooling, duct blockage, tripping, coils freezing up, foul smell and indoor air pollution. HomeGenie’s expert partners have the know-how and equipment to provide the best solutions for all these issues, keep emergencies at bay, minimise health related risks in your home and provide both preventive as well as corrective maintenance services.

An AC unit is probably the most expensive appliance in your home, therefore by opting for timely maintenance; you can keep it running at its original efficiency, cut monthly energy costs drastically and even double the lifespan of the unit.

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